Certification of Competency

The government of Timor-Leste guarantees the need to recognize the qualifications of labour and professionals who work in Timor-Leste. INDMO is a designated state agency with the mandate to certify those competencies.  

To implement this program, INDMO has developed guidelines and manuals to be implemented nationwide. The skills assessment standards also apply to all foreign workers looking for jobs in Timor-Leste. Training Centers which have been certified by INDMO are the ones who have the authority to be the evaluation centre based on law. 

Recognition and level matching between partner countries at a regional and international level still regulated by a special regime. This has been outlined in point b) Article 4 of Decree-Law 8/2008, March 5, combines with number 10 of letter n) of Article 7 of Decree-Law No. 36/2011, 17 August.

Trainees or workers who attend this program will be awarded Certificates corresponding to the level applied by the evaluation centre and INDMO. Recognition of qualifications covers all national and international workers who perform the functions of the various sectors in Timor-Leste.

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