Message of Director

National Institute for Labour Force Development is the government agency which regulates professional training activities in Timor-Leste.

An institute created with the objective to develop and implement policies of professional trainings, defines competencies and establish national certification with the Decree Law created on 5th of March, No. 8/2008. INDMO also implements attributions in relation to evaluation and accreditation of training centers and its programs based on Decree Law created on 17th of August, No. 36/2011.

During 12 years of operation, INDMO has registered results of quality control activities. Developed and registered competency frameworks with a total of 81 (eighty – one) from different sectors, such as; agriculture, fisheries, tourism, hospitality, constructions, journalism, mechanics, finance, business management, administration, social service and training and evaluation activities. In the last two years, INDMO has initiated discussions to elaborate competency frameworks for the transportation sector, Information and Communication Technology, petroleum resources and relevant industry, environmental conservation and projection, Creative Arts and Fashion retail, manufactures, health and other national priorities.

Registered in the National Qualification System of training centers and evaluation of almost 100, 25 of which have been accredited and have been using the competency frameworks. Seventy percent of these training centers are based in Dili, the capital city of Timor-Leste. INDMO has certified 18,000 (eighteen thousand) training participants from various sectors.

These activities are successfully conducted with support from both private and public authorities, national and international stakeholders including: Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs and other government ministries under MCAE. Ministries and agencies work in the area of education and productivity, national and international business owners’ representatives, regulating agencies, international partners such as CPLP, SEAMEO, ILO, ADB, GIZ, APACC, AusAid, USAID and others. Highly appreciated and look forward to a continues collaboration for a better training system.

In 2021, INDMO proudly launch an online communication platform which will facilitate communities and development partners to have better access of information related to INDMOS’ work. Rules and regulations related to quality control activities can be accessed here as well. The electronic platform will be the information center for the public.

INDMO continues to seek your support to guarantee a quality training system and information.

Best Regards,

Isabel Fernandes de Lima


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